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Saryl Case

I am a second year clinical mental health counseling student at Gonzaga University. I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors with my dog. I enjoy trying new restaurants and almost any other new experience. This summer, I did what I could to say, “Yes,” to community and had some amazing times of exploring big questions about life while in the woods with new friends. I believe we’re here on earth to help walk one another home, as Ram Dass says.

Dereck Noyes

Dereck Noyes is a graduate candidate in the Marriage and Family program at Gonzaga University and interning at Spokane Community College. Previously, Dereck had worked at Excelsior Wellness Center, working with families in need from a trauma-focused lens. He works from a person-centered approach to counseling, applying solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral therapy strengths-based interventions. Dereck believes in helping clients through establishing a professional relationship and providing education and advocacy for those needing mental health support. Dereck utilizes emotion-focused techniques from a family systems perspective. Helping clients understand how their emotions, thoughts, and actions are connected in helping to improve their overall quality of life. His main goals are to help individuals by encouraging and finding belonging, connecting them to meaning, and empowering their personal choice.

Jenna Ampulski

My name is Jenna Ampulski and I am a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Gonzaga University. As a student, I have come to embrace counseling’s emphasis on developing a relationship that is meant to empower individuals. As an intern I work with clients to create an environment that empowers and aids them embracing their own unique identity. When I am licensed as a LMHCA, I would like to specialize in working with and advocating for individuals in my community. I feel that my education in a CACREP accredited program, my internship experiences, and my involvement in ACA have helped me build a base that I will eventually use to serve my community as a counselor to the best of my abilities.

HanSena DiNoia

Hi, my name is HanSena DiNoia. Currently, I am a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Gonzaga University. I have always had a passion for working in a field that invests in other people. My previous work experiences revolved around being a Community Based Rehab specialist where I helped implement what clients were working on in therapy to the outside world. I love being in the field and chose this route because it has inspired me to find a way to create change in this world in my own creative ways. Outside of the counseling world I have a love for reading, horseback riding, outdoor recreational activities and anything revolving around athletics! I have enjoyed several years of being a club soccer coach to girls ranging from 9 years old to 16 years old. Being connected to people and forming relationships is a huge part of who I am!

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